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Do you dream about exciting motorcycle trips through the roads and landscapes of the sunny Spain? Your dream has just come true! We will take you on an unforgettable motorcycle trip, full of adventure and beautiful views. Follow us along the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean Sea, ride along the winding roads between the mountains of Sierra Nevada, immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of Malaga, enjoy the seaside resorts of Almuñecar and Salobreña. With us, every trip is a unique adventure that will allow you to experience this unique region of Spain in a completely new way. Every moment spent on a motorcycle is a new experience, new friendships and new memories that will stay with you forever. We are waiting for you with everything ready to go! Book your trip to Spain and discover the wonders of Andalucia with us.
At ADV Tropical, we believe that the real adventure is hidden in the winding mountain roads, not on the highways! Our routes have been carefully selected to offer you the ultimate unforgettable riding experience on both asphalt and off-roads. Whether you are an experienced biker or just starting out, we have the perfect route for you. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to ride exclusively on asphalt or asphalt/off-road. If you have more of an appetite for exploring the surroundings, we can satisfy that and plan just that route for you. The only thing that we care about is your satisfaction.

Spain, a perfect country for bikers.

We fell in love with this magnificent country at first sight when we first flew here for a winter motorcycle vacation and were able to enjoy the sunny weather for a week, the pleasant temperatures of 20 degrees, the delicious Andalusian cuisine and the wonderful roads. Even then we felt that this was the place for us. Since then, we have returned every time we can, exploring new routes again and again and gradually immersing ourselves in the culture of the country. Spain is, without a doubt, a biker-friendly country. Motorcycling is the national sport, it’s all over the news and everyone watches the races. Bikers feel safe on the road, the „driving culture” is at its highest here. In areas designated for riders – only motorcycles – parking is free of charge. Spain has a fantastic network of both asphalt and off-road. This is where new models of motorcycles are tested. If you are lucky, you may even find testers on your road 😉 When these factors work together, the result is obvious. Spain offers dream conditions for riding motorcycles, almost all year round. Don’t doubt it anymore, come now and check it out!
A great atmosphere and a lot of fun
Perfect weather conditions and incredible views
Guaranteed unforgettable memories with ADV Tropical

What bikers think of ADV Tropical

We are very proud and grateful to be part of the motorcycle adventures of our customers. The opinions of our customers are an invaluable source of inspiration and motivation to continuously improve our services.
„An unforgettable trip with ADV Tropical! Beautiful views, scenic routes and professional service made my dream of traveling in Spain by motorcycle come true. It was an intense trip, full of emotions and special moments. I recommend it to anyone who loves adventures on two wheels. ADV Topical’s motorcycle trips are not just about riding, they are also a great opportunity to stop and admire the breathtaking views and enjoy the moment.”

Marcin Mazurek

Andalucía offers a truly diverse and wonderful motorcycle route.

We can highlight the picturesque Sierra Nevada route that offers incredible mountain views, valleys and the beautiful city of Granada. You can visit Alhambra, the famous palace of Granada, which is one of the most famous monuments in Spain. The gem of the region is the Tabernas desert, unique in Europe known for its numerous film spots. Here you can see props and sets from many movies. Costa del Sol is full of beautiful coastal cities such as Marbella, Malaga or Nerja, known as the Balcony of Europe. A motorcycle ride along the coast combined with a tasting of local delicacy by the coastal beach bars that offer an unforgettable experience, as the Granada Route, which passes through beautiful villages such as Frigiliana and Lanjaron. Without a doubt, Andalusian cuisine is exquisite, with dishes such as gazpacho, paella, tapas and wonderful seafood and fish delicacies.

Niezapomniana wycieczki po Andaluzji

Profesjonalny zespół

Nasza doświadczona ekipa profesjonalistów zadba o to, aby Twój wyjazd był nie tylko ekscytujący, ale także bezpieczny i wygodny

Duży wybór motocykli

Możesz wybierać spośród różnorodnych modeli motocykli renomowanych marek, takich jak KTM, Yamaha i Honda.

Atrakcyjne ceny

Najlepsza oferta cenowa stawiająca jakość nad ilością! Skontaktuj się z nami i zapytaj o szczegóły

Wspaniała pogoda

Hiszpania słynie z pięknej pogody i nasza wyprawa pozwoli Ci w pełni cieszyć się tym atutem.

Magical Andalusia: discover the charm of a Spanish paradise

Every biker has surely heard of Andalusia. It is a region in southern Spain with great history, culture and nature. Its landscapes are diverse, Sierra Nevada, Tabernas desert, Costa del Sol and the charming villages in the southern region. Nature lovers will find a paradise in the natural national parks, such as Sierra de Grazalema and Sierra Nevada National Park. Andalusia can be traveled along a route of historical sites worth visiting such as Ronda, Granada and Cordoba. They are famous for bullfighting, and in many cities you will find a bullfighting ring, such as the one in Ronda. Flamenco, a remarkable cultural phenomenon, began here; a cultural phenomenon that encompasses music, song, dance, costume and behavior, which you can experience at many flamenco festivals.

Variety of motorcycles

Our variety of motorcycles gives you more options. With us, you will find a bike that suits your needs and abilities. The bikes are in excellent technical and visual condition. The motorcycles are equipped with TomTom/Garmin motorcycle navigation systems and/or phone holders.

We currently have 8 models of motorcycles:
2 x KTM 390 ADV,
1 x Honda CB 500 X,
1 x Honda Africa Twin 1100 ,
1 x Kawasaki Versys 650,
2 x Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom XT,
1 x BMW 1200 GS

Our offer consists of three simple options:

Option 1 from 70€.

Motorcycle rental

Do you like to travel by motorcycle on your own terms? This offer is for you!

Option 2 from 110€.

Motorcycle rental + accommodation

Comfortable bundle that combines the pleasure of riding a motorcycle with a comfortable place to spend the night.

Option 3 from only 1.100€.

Motorcycle rental + accommodation and guide

An offer aimed at those who wish to discover Spain in the company of an experienced guide.
Prices do not include: airplane tickets, fuel for the motorcycles, refundable deposit of 500€ (1000€ for Hondę CRF 1100 Africa Twin and BMW GS 1200) to be paid in cash at the time you pick up the motorcycle, charge for each additional kilometer of 0.35 €.
* in options 2 and 3 it is possible to travel/accommodate with a passenger, paying an additional fee of 60€/day.
** personal accident insurance only applies to the rider, it is possible to get a personal accident insurance for the passenger at a price of 30€/week.

Wypożycz motocykl z noclegiem i przewodnikiem!

Wypożyczenie motocykla + nocleg zawiera: 7 noclegów, motocykl na 5 dni, transfer z/na lotnisko w Maladze, limit 1500 km, ubezpieczenie AC i NW, 6 śniadań, 4 dni jazdy z przewodnikiem
Wypożyczenie motocykla + nocleg + pasażer zawiera: 7 noclegów, motocykl na 5 dni, transfer z/na lotnisko w Maladze, limit 1500 km, ubezpieczenie AC i NW, 6 śniadań – kierowca + pasażer, 4 dni jazdy z przewodnikiem
*Cena nie obejmuje: biletów lotniczych, paliwa do motocykli, kaucji zwrotnej za motocykl w wysokości 500 euro płatnej w gotówce przy odbiorze motocykla, opłaty za każdy dodatkowy kilometr w wysokości 0,35 euro

Wypożyczenie na doby

*Cena nie obejmuje: biletów lotniczych, paliwa do motocykli, kaucji zwrotnej za motocykl w wysokości 500 euro płatnej w gotówce przy odbiorze motocykla, opłaty za każdy dodatkowy kilometr w wysokości 0,35 euro

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We invite you to join us for unique motorcycle trips in Spain where you will meet people with similar passions and live unforgettable moments. Every moment on a motorcycle means new experiences, new friendships and new memories that will stay with you forever.

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